"A Well-shot portrait can reveal the hidden depths of a personality. It was these layers that intrigued me, and my fascination with the camera grew to a point where I made it my career."

My name is Vinicius, and I am a talented photographer that remains enthusiastic about crafting compelling and timeless images. For the last six years, I lead teams working in the fashion industry to produce stellar images for renowned online and print publications. Along with a creative eye and a calm composure, I have a knack for building good relationships with my clients by understanding their vision and goals. I balance creativity with business intelligence, and this is evident in my strategic approach and ability to successfully wrap up projects on time and within budget.

Though I am based in London, I often travel around the world on shoots with international artists and fashion magazines. From shoots for bridal magazines to portraits of performers and celebrities, I go above and beyond to deliver outstanding results that my clients have come to expect. From conceptualisation through to final image delivery, I never miss a beat and remain flexible to scale up my services if required while staying focused on the immediate goals. As someone with vast experience, I know there can be last-minute changes, so I remain calm under pressure and operate by adapting where required.

Whether I am creating a sophisticated portrait or a photoshoot spread over a few days, you can rely on my commitment to bring your vision to life smoothly and with beautiful results. . If you would like to work with a dedicated photographer that will use your money and time to maximum advantage and deliver stunning images and portraits that surpass expectations, let’s connect and chat about what you have in mind. 

Vinicius Pozzatti

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